Master Habib Khoshniyat
پنج شنبه 23 خرداد 1398
بازدید: 714

Born in 1342, he was active in the field of sports.
In 1979, he met with Professor Goodarzi at Namazi High School and studied Kung Fu Tuya.

In 1365, at the Ansar Hafezieh Shiraz Club, under the supervision of Khatam, the Taekwondo Martial Arts
After going to the master of Khadem from Shiraz, he is a student of the great professor of landing Ahmadi.
In 1993, he received his coaching from the Taekwondo Federation of Iran.
For eight years, he was responsible for the Public Relations Department of Taekwondo Fares and started coaching at the Mellat Club in 1997.
He has been in charge of Saddi's martial arts for about 15 years.

In 2004, the first international ETF coaching class in Iran was held, and a group of their students attended the class.
He was selected as the senior student of the class and opened the first class of the TF after the revolution in Iran in the same year (2004) at the Mellat Bank of Shiraz Club.

And it should be noted that the founder of Taekwondo ITF Women in Iran (Professor Farzaneh Kahiri) is his disciples
A few years later, he produced the first Taekwondo ITF Tobacco in Iran with Erampat (Iran's Watch Guard). The first TF National Team came to Iran on invitation.
And now he has a black belt 8th Degree, an international coaching champion, and 21 active Class Man & women Taekwondo ITF under her supervision.